About Me and Indigo Film School

Hi all! I’m Ian Bailey, the founder of Indigo Film School. I’ve been teaching practical filmmaking and creative technology to students and professionals for over 15 years.

Before that I worked on indie productions and for a TV broadcaster. During those years, I worked in different areas of production and postproduction. I’ve been a co-writer and story consultant for movies and games. I’m also qualified to fly camera drones commercially.

Ian Bailey - About Indigo Film School

I currently live in the East of England with my wife Ruthi, who’s an artist and illustrator.

The great thing about film production, is there’s always more to learn and always something I can share with you. Video technology doesn’t stand still. There’s always the latest equipment, updates to software and new techniques to talk about.

You can contact me

Questions and feedback are always welcome. Hop over to the Contact page and get in touch. I’ll always send you a response.

Indigo Film School is not affiliated with any hardware or software companies. I’m not paid or given freebies to promote products or services.