Image Credits

I use a variety of images on this website. Some are created by Indigo Film School, some are bought from image libraries and others we source from Wikimedia Commons. When we use an image created by someone else, we will credit them on this page.

If you have any questions or concerns about images I’ve used, please contact Indigo Film School, I’m always happy to help.

Alien Landscape with Three Moons

This image is a composite of a number of images sourced from Flickr and from NASA.

The rock formation is from a photograph called Arches (3) by Axel Tesche. The photographer has made the work available under the Creative Commons licence. The original image has been cropped, masked, resized and re-coloured to fit the composition.

The rocky hill and moons in the sky are all from the NASA Image Gallery.

Camera & Audio Equipment Images

All camera equipment images are from the manufacturer’s image library, unless credited otherwise.

Software Images

All software images or videos are grabs from our own computers, unless credited otherwise.

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