Storyboard Notebook: with Customisable Aspect Ratios


Download the Storyboard Notebook Guide.

We’ve got aspect ratio masks for your video editing software! They match the aspect ratios in this book. Join the Indigo Film School community and I’ll email them to you.

The Storyboard Notebook from Indigo Film School enables you to customise the aspect ratio of each storyboard. Choose from nine popular frame shapes for cinema, streaming services, television and social media.

The book has two types of storyboard pages: Sequential pages and Big Shot pages. The Sequential pages have six customisable storyboards per page, with room for brief notes. The Big Shot pages have one large storyboard for a more detailed sketch and room to write more notes.

In the book you’ll find details on how to download the free Storyboard Notebook Guide. It shows you how to make the most of this notebook. It includes guidance on customising storyboards. Advice on choosing the right aspect ratio for your production. How to show character and camera movement in the storyboard. There are sections covering shot sizes, composition and perspective.

I also give you advice on software you can use for storyboarding, as some of you will use the notebook as the first draft before going digital.