Motion Generator Template

Motion Template Resource

Download this Motion Resource designed to accompany the training video / article Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro. Learn how to create Motion templates and use them in Final Cut Pro.

Blender resource, box texture

Blender Resources

Download the Blender Resources designed to accompany the training video / article Blender to Motion 5. Learn how to bring 3D models and animations from Blender into Motion.

Balancing Exposure Cheat Sheet

Thinking in stops helps you to balance picture brightness between different exposure tools. This one page guides gives you all the info you need. Work faster without compromising quality. Watch the Thinking in Stops video.

Colour Temperature Guide

Whether you’re using a colour preset, or setting the colour temperature manually, it’s useful to know what colour temperature you’re aiming for. Use this one page guide as your go-to reference.

Risk Assessment Form

When you shoot on location, you will encounter potential risks. There are hazards that already exist in the location, ones you bring to the location and ones created by other people or animals. A completed Risk Assessment Form proves you’ve considered the risks and taken action to reduce them.

False Colour Guide

When setting the exposure for a scene, one of the tools you can use is false colour. Different areas of brightness are shown in different colours and different shades of grey. For this guide I’ve used the Arri scale. Many cameras have adopted this, but others use different colours to represent areas of brightness.

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