Cinematography - moody scene, low key, blue tones

Intro to Cinematography

So, you want to be a cinematographer…

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Don't ETTR, use a Middle Grey Card - Indigo Film School

Don’t ETTR, Use a 50% Grey Card

Learn the best technique for achieving cinematic exposure…

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Exposure Controls - Indigo Film School

Exposure Controls for Video

Using and prioritising the different exposure controls…

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Thinking in Stops - Indigo Film School

Balancing Exposure for Video, Thinking in Stops

Work faster without compromising on quality…

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Why is ISO - Indigo Film School

What is ISO?

There’s more to ISO than boosting exposure in a low light scene…

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White Balance

White Balance Video like a Pro

White balance for speed and consistency…

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Camera Resolution - Indigo Film School

Camera Resolution

Do you need to shoot with a high resolution?

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Postproduction introduction

Intro to Postproduction

Once you’ve finished shooting, the next step is postproduction…

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Blender to Motion 5 - 2021 Workflow - Indigo Film School

Blender to Motion 5

How to send a 3D model from Blender to Motion 5…

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Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro

Create templates for Effects, Transitions, Titles and Generators, then publish to Final Cut Pro…

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Music for Film Production - Indigo Film School

Music for Film Production

How to successfully using music in your film production.

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