Cinematography - moody scene, low key, blue tones

Intro to Cinematography

So, you want to be a cinematographer…

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Don't ETTR, use a Middle Grey Card - Indigo Film School

Don’t ETTR, Use a 50% Grey Card

Learn the best technique for achieving cinematic exposure…

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Exposure Controls - Indigo Film School

Exposure Controls for Video

Using and prioritising the different exposure controls…

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Thinking in Stops - Indigo Film School

Balancing Exposure for Video, Thinking in Stops

Work faster without compromising on quality…

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Why is ISO - Indigo Film School

What is ISO?

There’s more to ISO than boosting exposure in a low light scene…

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White Balance

White Balance Video like a Pro

White balance for speed and consistency…

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Camera Resolution - Indigo Film School

Camera Resolution

Do you need to shoot with a high resolution?

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Postproduction introduction

Intro to Postproduction

Once you’ve finished shooting, the next step is postproduction…

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Blender to Motion 5 - 2021 Workflow - Indigo Film School

Blender to Motion 5

How to send a 3D model from Blender to Motion 5…

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Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro, Post production, Indigo Film School

Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro

Create templates for Effects, Transitions, Titles and Generators, then publish to Final Cut Pro…

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Music for Film Production - Indigo Film School

Music for Film Production

How to successfully using music in your film production.

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Working Smarter in Final Cut Pro - Post production - Indigo Film School

Working Smarter in Final Cut Pro

How to be faster, better, stronger, smarter in Final Cut Pro…

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Motion Rigging for Final Cut Pro

Motion Rigging for Final Cut Pro

Create rigged widgets in Motion for Final Cut Pro…

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Tips for Final Cut Pro and Motion Templates

Tips for Final Cut Pro and Motion Templates

Wrap up your Motion templates journey with these tips for FCP and Motion…

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Aspect Ratios Explained thumbnail

Film Aspect Ratio Explained

In this article I’m going to consider the question, ‘what is the best aspect ratio for your film?’

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