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Welcome to the Troubleshooters section. Ever found yourself in a fix on a movie set? This section exists to solve those frustrating technical problems you encounter.

It’s happened to us all. We fire up the camera or sound recorder or a light and NOTHING FREAKIN’ WORKS.

Whether it’s something you’ve never encountered before, or your mind’s simply gone blank (that happens too), you’ll find tips on how you can solve your film production problems quickly and get back to making the movie.

The Troubleshooters are split into different pages for the different issues you’ll encounter:

  • Having problems with batteries or mains power? Visit the Power Troubleshooter.
  • Is it a camera issue? Something not right with the image, exposure set incorrectly or the colours off. What ever it might be, check out the Camera Troubleshooter.
  • Recording good quality sound can be a tricky business. If the sound levels are wrong or you’re not able to record, take a look at the solutions in the Sound Troubleshooter.
  • Using and controlling lights is such an important part of cinematography. If a light isn’t working as expected, the Lighting Troubleshooter has some suggestions.
  • Sometimes a tripod is the cause of our issues. Check out the tips in the Camera Support Troubleshooter.

For Beginners Upwards

The Troubleshooters are aimed at beginners and upwards. Some of the solutions will be obvious to someone with more experience, but I also get into the less recognisable reasons for stuff not working.

There might also be times when the solution is obvious, but you’re stressed and trying to do 100 things at once. It’s during those moments you can refer to the Troubleshooters. They say two heads are better than one… come bang your head against mine.

Contribute to the Troubleshooters

The Film Production Troubleshooter is a growing resource that can only get better. When I encounter new problems, or even old favourites I’ve forgotten about, I’ll add them to this page.

You can contribute too! Is there something I’ve missed? Maybe a fiendish problem that had you pulling out your hair. Or a great solution that I haven’t included. Please let me know using the form below. You’ll be credited if I use your suggestion.

This form collects your name and web address (optional) so I can credit you if I use your suggestion. I require your email in case I need to contact you for extra info. Your details won't be used for any other purpose. Please see my Privacy Policy for more information.

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